Require Help with an Insurance Claim? Here are the Top Sources for You!


It’s not always an easy task to claim your insurance easily. Most of the time homeowners lose track of how effectively to deal with a claim. Knowledge deficit or increased process for sanctioning the insured amount are the main culprits. The end result is the insurance policyholders feeling guilty for a process that would otherwise have been simple and less time-consuming.

Never feel guilty about your lack of knowledge about this process. You have been trying hard to keep track of your finances but because of the lack of knowledge regarding the elaborate process required to claim insurance, you end up your lives with a huge financial burden.

Be it water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, health insurance claims or any other insurance claim you need to be well known to the first step: Choose the right insurance policy suitable for you; Seek help from a professional insurance adjuster. When you go online you can find abundant sources regarding insurance adjusters but there might be some indecisiveness preventing you from choosing the right policy; sometimes you might even miss out a public health policy that has been implemented by the government.

The difficulty in assessing the worth of possessions and assets themselves can be the main villain resulting in losing a claim that you deserved. This is where a Public Insurance Adjuster arrives with assistance. He is the one who can prevent the homeowners from the reparation of their assets. He works on the paperwork on your behalf and facilitates the claim process to get the maximum benefit out of it for you, for a per cent of the claim as price. A public adjuster’s service ranges from reviewing the paperwork to handling the claim process with the insurance company and making sure the utmost money reaches the holder. His position is equal to that of the company’s adjuster. The difference is public adjusters work for the holders rather than the insurance company. While the company adjuster aims to pay the least, the public adjuster aims to benefit the most on behalf of the policyholders.

 A public adjuster firm will be experienced with the usual haggling between the insurance policyholders and the carriers, so they will be well aware of what to focus on. The insurance company will be focused on their profit rather than the policyholders, so one cannot rely completely on the claim processes led by the companies. The public adjuster will be your acting representative in such claim-related haggles, striving to get the most and deserved benefit for you.

Here are some of the best free sources which will help you to be educated about  insurance claims and public adjusters.

Delay Deny Defund

When it comes to a book of knowledge, Delay Deny Defund is the best known book which clearly talks about the process of insurance companies.

The author Jay M. Feiman explains well how an insurance company never gonna pay you the claim – and what ordinary people should do.

This book gives an insight to the people to identify the possible insurance frauds, roadblocks that always shadow the good on the other side.

By reading the book and using their free website an ordinary person can be knowledgeable about insurance policies and how to handle it well.

National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. (NAPIA.Com)

The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters officially came into existence in 1951 to advocate for public adjusters education and standards of professional conduct among public adjusters. Over seven decades, NAPIA has succeeded to deliver a consistent reputation across the public adjuster community.

At, one can get in-depth knowledge about how a public adjuster works and what exactly a public adjuster is. The common man can easily find a list of certified public adjusters and public adjusting firms for more personalized insurance help.

A word of note

Contractors may offer to handle insurance claims. They will handle it from the beginning to the end of your claim process. They make necessary corrections, interventions and the final settlement process with your insurance company for payment.

But it’s always your discretion to think about whom you should trust: you are the chief authority; not everyone is authorized to do your claims. Only finance experts and lawyers are licenced to determine policy coverage and negotiate claims on your behalf.

Despite the probable good intention of the public finance experts, they might try to take account of homeowner’s lack of knowledge during their vulnerable time resulting in fraudulence. These people hide their presence and appear only once a disaster happens to make easy money out of a person’s misery…

The end result is people losing their hard-earned money over a totally unexpected situation resulting in a huge emotional, financial and psychological dilemma.  Thus before signing any contract, you should be aware about the future problems that might be hanging on your back right now but are going to eat you alive in the most helpless situations. Trust public adjusters and your own common sense over these low-quality contractors for better and easy settlements. Think wise, save yourself, trust knowledge, ask questions regarding the policies you choose.

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