Roof Damage Claims

Was your roof damaged during a storm, or did you notice a ceiling stain?

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Discovering your roof has been damaged is never pleasant, but if you have a valid insurance policy, then you may be entitled to receiving a payout for your damage. Powerful storms, strong winds, and even hail storms can all cause roof damage. These are usually covered events under most policies. As long as you file a claim on time and it contains as much evidence as possible, then the insurance company should honor your claim and issue you an appropriate payout.

Roof Damage Claims

When can a public adjuster help you with your roof damage claim?  

Public Adjusters work for you, not the insurance company. A public adjuster can help you at any point in the claims process – from filing the claim to fighting a claim denial or underpayment. 

A public adjuster is always on our side and fights to help you receive the highest possible payout for all your covered property damage. 

Insurance companies sometimes make bad calls and unjustly deny or underpay their policyholders. 

You have the right to get a second opinion on your roof damage claim. 

If you feel you have been treated unfairly with your damage claim, a Prime Public Adjusters team member can take on your claim and fight the insurance company on your behalf to help you get the compensation you deserve for your valid claim. 

We often see insurance companies deny and underpay valid claims.

Insurance companies are for-profit entities. They are fully staffed businesses with growth and revenue goals. Their loyalty is to their own bottom line. The insurance company employs large teams who have extensive experience, and they know how to handle the claims process, so it benefits the insurance company and not the homeowner whenever possible. 

When going against the insurance company, you need to have your own highly trained team who knows how to fight to get you properly compensated for your damage. 

Even if you do not see damage, there may be hidden damage that can result in a leak later on. 

Wind uplift damage is not easy to see. It usually takes an experienced professional with specialized equipment to identify certain types of roof damage that may occur after a powerful storm or hurricane. 

The safest thing you can do is schedule a claim review or a home inspection right after a storm. This will help ensure any damage that may be present is properly identified, the extent of the damage is known, and that your claim is filed on time. Filing late may result in a claim denial, and not properly identifying the extent of the damage may result in an underpayment. 

Our goal is to help identify all the damage that is present in your property to file an accurate claim to properly begin the claim process for you. 

Common types of roof damage in Florida

  • Wind damage – from hurricanes, powerful storms, and tornadoes.
  • Hail damage – Large hail can damage your roof, which can result in a full roof replacement if the damage is extensive. Both shingle roofs and tile roofs can easily be damaged by large pieces of hail. 
  • Water damage and roof leaks – Water can erode sections of your roof, including the underlying materials. 

Prime Public Adjusters is here for you. 

Our experienced team has collected millions for our clients, and we are always ready to help you with your claim. 

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