Does your business or residence is safe from disasters? Connect with public adjusters to save them for tomorrow.


If you are an owner of a residence, your residence can damage due to water, wind, storm, mold, flood, thieves, roof leaks, and many more. Just think, with this bad weather condition, if you have to face a flood, what will happen? You will run to a safe place. But who safe your residence? There are valuable electric equipment, furniture, goods and many more. Modern furniture is made only targeting comfortable of the users. They are not heavy. Quickly vanish with water. They become like snacks when face with a flood, then your electric equipment, can you reuse water-damaged electric equipment if water goes inside to the electric equipment we cannot use them and they are dangerous to use with electric shots. The major problem is how you going to live in such a residence. The house is fully covered with garbage and mud. You have to fully clean it, repair, how you bear the cost?

If your office was there, your valuable documents get vanished, your computers, machines all get damaged. Not like a house, the cost for an office in such a condition is very high.

Not like the flood, what happened in a fire? If your properties faced a fire? All documents, furniture, machines all become is severe than a flood.

Natural disasters can occur at any moment.

  • The strongest tropical cyclone recorded worldwide, as measured by minimum central pressure, was Typhoon Tip, which reached a pressure of 870hpa.
  • The tsunami attack was in 2004
  • Each year on average 10 tropical storms occur. 6 become hurricanes.

What do you feel in front of them? They are natural disasters.


  • Theft and vandalism is occurring all over the world on average, a burglary happens once every 30 seconds, and over 3000 burglaries per day

This is not for scaring you. We have to face them at any time. This is a try to explain the risk with your properties

In the world, we all are running a rat race behind money. So, why we earn so much? Briefly to survive. If step forward, we can earn to make our life more comfortable. We earn to get comfortable residence, get properties, vehicles until we died. We do a lot of sacrifices to get them, to be the owner of them. Though we sweat over a decade, a disaster can destroy all our dreams in one second, how it feels you? You may love them. So, don’t give up on them.

According to the research, 40 percent of small businesses never reopen after a disaster and another 25 percent, that do reopen, fail within a year and 31.1 percent of organizations have a plan, but they have not activated it.51 percent of businesses surveyed have no business continuity plan.

The carelessness of the people pushes them into hell. If you wish to get a property, you must make a plan to be recovery from disasters. You must make it before buying your desires. The main recovery option is insurance. There are insurance companies all over the world. You can join them. But, connecting with insurance does not mean that you are safe.

The claim process is a barrier to your safety. You have to go across the process successfully. It is something difficult. A better knowledge to file the claim and experience want to sit in front of the recovery.

So, you do not want to worry about it. There is the best solution for your doubt. It is “public adjusters”. It is the best way to get your claims

  • Why do I propose you connect with the public adjusters?

There are two categories as independent adjusters and public adjusters. Independent adjusters are hired by the insurance company. They work for the welfare of the insurance company. Their effort is to protect the, how do you keep trust in independent adjusters? And you cannot wish that it will relieve you.

But public adjusters are on the side of policyholders. They appear on behalf of the policy holder’s rights.

  • The process with public adjusters

Public adjusters are there to stand with you in your doubts. If we have insurance, we can request a claim after facing a disaster. There, we have to face a claim process. The insurance request us so many things, always they do not give our claim easy, and actually, they make it a headache to us. They try to refuse our claim. so; we must have enough knowledge and experience to face this. But everyone cannot do it. Therefore some people give up trying for claims. In such conditions, we can get the help of public adjusters.

When we explained our requirements, they file the claim with our insurance company and supply them with all necessary documents to get our claim.

They coordinate the inspection with the insurance company to review your loss

Then they prepare an estimate including all damages and present it to the insurance company.

Not only that, they do not give up on us on the way. If any doubt occurred when obtaining our claims, or if the company refused to give the claims, they appear on behalf of you and discuss it with the insurance company. So, we must not frustrate about claim gaining anymore. They are with us from beginning to end in the claim receiving process.

You do not want to pay any advance fees or milestones before getting your claims. They get paid after resolving our claim. They get it as a percentage of the overall payment. The percentage also depends on the state regulation. Some do not allow charging more than 20% on daily losses like water, fire, vandalism, roof leaks, hail, wind, smoke, and theft. And do not allow charging more than 10%on declared emergency claims during the first year.

So, it is difficult to retake something. Make a plan to reduce the risk of the properties. Public adjusters are always with you and on behalf of you

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