When and Why you Need the Help of a Public Insurance Adjuster to settle Insurance Claims


Any insurance policy is a delicate contract that you invest in after a meticulous analysis of the benefits and coverage they offer for the “product” you seek to insure. For instance, when you take property insurance, you select such a policy that would help you redress the losses incurred in any unfavorable events, like a fire outbreak or an accident.

Making an insurance claim is a sensitive ordeal, as it calls for accuracy and careful calculations at all phases from making an insurance claim to lose analysis to the final phase of settlement. Under general circumstances, the insurance company offers the policyholders the assistance of claim adjusters to handle the claim procedures. However, under special circumstances related to complicated cases, the policyholders seek the professional service of a public insurance adjuster to act on their behalf in order to get a fair settlement.

Why are Public Insurance Adjusters the best?

Public Insurance Adjusters are legal representatives externally hired by the policy-holder to analyse, counter and manoeuvre through complicated policy-clauses that are beyond a layman’s level of comprehension, and secure reparation amounts from the insurance company. Not all insurance claims call for the enlistment of a third-party adjuster, however, under such circumstances that the claimant finds the amount offered by the company to fall short of the financial damages incurred to the “product” or “property”, a public insurance adjuster is often helpful to file and settle the claim in a manner favourable to the policyholder. The decision to hire a claim adjuster depends mainly on the nature of the claim- to conduct an in-depth analysis of the damages to arrive at an amount that would satisfy the requirements of the claimant, and if/when the benefits of hiring an adjuster preponderate the amount spent in recruiting their professional service at a rate equivalent to 10-20% of the claim amount.

No more headaches for making an insurance claim!

Consider the instance of undertaking the procedure for making a claim. People, in general, do not only find it tedious to do the legwork involved in it, the constriction of time and limitation of professional knowledge of the subject are also potential issues that hamper the matter of independently registering the claim by the policyholder. Seeking the professional help of public adjusters is a course of action that helps eliminate the stress and time involved in submitting the forms and related activities, and in turn, the public insurance adjuster will act on your behalf starting from the appraisal of the policy, loss & damage discovery, estimation of indemnity, form submission, negotiation between concerned personnel, resolving potential disputes, and finally arrive at a fair claim settlement. The claimant could also take an additional policy called loss recovery insuranceto help cover restoration costs, which also include the remuneration owing to the claim adjuster for their services.

Claim amount is many-a-times a matter packed with tension and disputes between the policyholder and the insurance company. Even though the policyholder insures the product to cover the costs of damages in the event of any unfortunate accident, when the amount involved or the event itself is complicated, the potential for conflict in interests is higher. For instance, the insurance company may estimate the losses at a compensation amount that is grossly unfair to the actual losses at hand. Most policyholders do not have sufficient understanding of the clauses of the policies and the expertise to peruse the circumstances and estimate the amounts with the expertise that an insurance adjuster does. In addition, the remuneration of the insurance adjuster ranges from 10 to 20% of the claim amount; hence, their interests would never conflict with the claimant’s right to adequate re-compensation and will execute their professional knowledge to handle the claim proceedings with precision as an intermediary on the claimant’s behalf.

The main objective of claimants who recruit public insurance adjusters is to thwart the threat of any deceptive methods by the insurance company to underpay the due amount by deliberately underestimating the loss and damages. If the policy-holder has no significant comprehension of the process, they could fall victim to the issues that could range from enduring claim trials to settling for any amount that is offered by the company. 

The power of a professional public insurance adjuster with the notarized license comes into play here. However, a license alone doesn’t substantiate the experience and stance of the hired help. If you are caught in any claim cases and you are in dire need of the assistance of a claim adjuster, you must spare no effort in conducting thorough industry research to verify the legitimacy of the potential candidate. The most obvious choice is to delve deep into the company website of the claim adjuster, investigate the client reviews, check his/her license in person. Once you find the right professional, you can rest your concerns of falling victim to industry deceptions.

It needs to be addressed that depicting insurance companies as fraudulent enterprises based on blind prejudice or ignorance is unfair. Insurance companies have their own loops of formalities and procedures related to carrying out a claim. For instance, in the case of a total loss fire claim, the claimant who has insured their property for, say, $200,000, would expect to receive the maximum amount listed on the policy. However, receiving the maximum amount that is stated on the policy is a fantasy; yet, you do not have to forfeit the maximum amount that you are legally owed by the insurance company consistent with the insurance policy and legal liabilities. As a claimant, the chances of securing a good amount in the event of a total fire is lesser if they do not know how to fulfil all the requirements (like submitting paperwork and documents, inventory list, etc). A public insurance adjuster is the best bet for the claimant to stake a strong claim as they are experienced in the art and trade of handling all paper-work, appraisal of policy clauses, conducting in-depth inventory and loss analysis, arriving at a fair settlement amount through negotiations and everything in between and beyond. When you hire a claim adjuster, your only focus should be judiciously weighing your needs and the advantages of recruiting them. If the pros outweigh the cons, and you have found the right public insurance adjuster, the rest are handled efficiently by the professional by directly acting as your intermediary with the company to arrive at the maximum compensation that you can legally claim.

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