Hurricane Damage Claims

Natural disasters can turn our lives upside down, and as homeowners that spells impending property losses. These detriments sometimes amount to thousands or even millions of dollars. Insurers are focused on settling claims for as little as possible, or even denying claims entirely. Our certified public adjusters have years of experience working with storm damage claims, and we’re here to fight for your claim. Don’t let your insurance company treat you like another number, let our storm and hurricane damage insurance claims public adjusters fight for your claim. With the help of our commercial and home insurance adjusters, you can get the most for your claim. If you select to use a public adjuster for hurricanes or storms, you will have a player on your team who wants to see you receive the highest returns possible. We have the skills, resources, and experience to make the arduous adjustment process simple.

You will work side by side with us to ensure we get you the terms that satisfy you. Take one less stressor off your plate by enlisting the help of an expert to obtain your settlement.

A public adjuster for hurricane and wind damage can be there to advocate for you and your property to reclaim the funds you need to fix, repair, and replace damages in your home.

Public adjusters handle the back and forth, questions, endless forms, and negotiations process. Our adjusters will allow you to get your settlement quicker.

Public Adjusters can help streamline the claim process after you suffer wind inflicted detriment from a storm or hurricane. You may not have the time or the energy to deal with insurance company demands. We can handle the tedious process for you to give you more time to repair other areas of your life.

The lingo of assurance companies and policies can be tricky at times. If your policy is unclear or confusing to you, our adjuster will be able to give you any necessary clarifications. You will then be able to proceed through the process fully understanding the implications of your contract, and what steps you should take next.

In cases of severe destruction, adjusters who specialize in storms and hurricanes make sure that you do not miss any due claims. It can be confusing as to what counts and what does not. On top of that, your adjuster ensures that you place your expenses in the proper claims’ category. You may miss some destruction or think it is irrelevant. An adjuster can skillfully identify any hidden structural detriments, value your property losses, and account for your possessions.

After any disaster, you want to return to normal as quickly as possible. However, be wary if your coverage provider offers you a quick payoff. While this will allow you to receive your money quicker, you may be settling for less, literally. Your adjuster can make sure the value offered to you is fair and enough. Take your time in this process, and do not sign anything until you fully comprehend the impacts of your claim.

Additionally, your coverage provider may be delaying your claim. They have an obligation to not only respond to you, but to also process your claim within a set timeframe. A professional adjuster can be a useful resource anytime you sense your carrier is giving you the runaround.

Anytime you believe your settlement is unfair based on your coverage, it could be beneficial to contact or hire a public adjuster. Company adjusters occasionally assign an estimate that is not substantial enough to restore the damaged property. We are here to help get you the funds to make sure things look just as they did prior to the natural disaster that occurred. We utilize the same estimating software and jargon as the security companies, so we are equipped to effectively advocate on your behalf.

A final indicator that you could benefit from a licensed professional adjuster is your company adjuster’s behavior. If they encourage you to stay away from a public adjuster, this should set off an alarm bell. You can make this important decision on your own. You can assess if the costs and expertise of a professional adjuster are worth it for you.

Customary policies usually cover direct physical detriment from windstorms. Business inventory losses and property harm often form a substantial portion of the claim for losses. Water detriments incurred during a windstorm are typically covered if the natural event caused a break in the building’s roof or walls that permitted water inside.

Coverage extends to the building structure itself and ruins to any of the following:

  • Drywall

  • Particle Board

  • Expansion

  • Electrical Damage

  • Mold

Hurricanes and wind expose your property to detriment from the windstorm and associated floodwaters. However, property flood and windstorm contracts typically do not coincide. Windstorm contracts exclude harm from floods, while flood contracts exclude windstorm damages. You must be prepared to explain which weather phenomenon caused respective losses. Your adjuster can aid you and make it easier to determine the cause of your ruined property

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