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Do you think you are safe from disasters?

When considering the world population, 75 percent is faced at least once by an earthquake, tropical cyclone, flood, or drought. In the last two decades, more than a 1.5million has to give up their lives due to natural disasters. About 130 million people are exposing on average every year to an earthquake. Up to 119 million people are exposing on average every year to a tropical cyclone. And some are exposing more than 4 events every year. About 196 million people in more than 90 countries are exposing every year to catastrophic flooding. Meanwhile, people have to face a lot of damages In their day-to-day can be water damage, hurricane damage, fire damage, mold damage, wind or hail damage, or theft and vandalism. As homeowners, it is necessary to be informed about these damages to prevent the loss in such a condition.

Water damagethis is a destructive one but quick steps can minimize the loss. Usually, water damage is appearing suddenly. But the roots are growing for some weeks or months. In water damage, you have no time to wait. Because it destroys not only your carpets, furniture but also your precious documents

Common types of water damage.

  • Sewage clean-up: This is for toilets and sinks. When they backed up, you have to transact with toxic black and grey water which was converted as a result of human consumption, animals, or biological waste. On the other side, it is an exposure to health risks.
  • Structural damage: Water leaking inside walls, foundations, or woods can occur structural damage.
  • Broken pipes: You must be quick with the water damage/ water leakage with broken pipes.

 Causes of water damage.

Leaky roofs, broken pipes or gutters.

Homes that are not maintained properly will fell with mold, especially given up areas like crawl spaces and basements. In some cases, you are unable to control water destruction like storms, floods or hurricanes, or other environmental disasters.

  • Leaky roofs: Leaky roofs bring water into your home. Aging roofs and damage roofs contribute to this lot. Otherwise, the damages are occurring slowly. It takes a long time to notices the issues to homeowners.
  • Broken pipe or gutter: Though it is a slow leak, a broken pipe enhances the damage.
  • Condensation: A very common cause of water can occur due to air conditioning units leak. This can damage by penetrating walls, ceilings, and floors by leading to mold.

Common water damage risks.

  • Fails emotionally, physically, and financially in such a condition.
  • Property damages- furniture, important papers, carpets clothing, and electronics.
  • Toxic health risks
  • Mold growth, and bacteria -Black mold, pink mold, aspergillus mold.
  • Pets and bug infestation.
  • Air quality danger
  • mental health vulnerability
  • Financial risk.

Hurricane damage. The approaching of hurricanes occurs huge damage to coastal areas. Destructive storms, winds toppled trees. When a storm approaching the coast, it elevates sea level as much as 20 or 30 feet. Because of the storm wind ocean water goes towards the land.

Fire damage.  a structure fire is reported every 65seconds in the world.

How does your homeowner’s insurance can protect you from financial loss? Smoke and fire damages are covered by homeowner’s is in the basic homeowner’s insurance need to come smoke from a fire in your house. If your house is affected by smoke damage in a neighbor’s fire it is also covered with your policy. Not only that, homeowners insurance cover you even from the wildfire. This ensures your house, structure like driveway, fences, your personal property. And also you are benefiting from additional living expenses. If you are unable to live in your habitat due to smoke or fire insurance company helps you to pay for a temporary place. Also they cover broken pipe issue with insurance policies

Before you see this have you heard about these recoveries? I guarantee, at least 50% don’t know this. Your lack of knowledge about an insurance policy is a big issue for your claims. So, how can you prevent this? Get the help of Prime public adjusters

Any damage you have on your property before calling your insurance call, prime public adjusters. They will take care of everything for you. And believe me, I recommend them at 200% they are the best, very professional, friendly sincere, and they give their all for your case, do not hesitate for a second to use their services. I guarantee that like me you will never regret it. they are the best.

Idania a.

I currently have a claim open, but I must say, veronica and fabion have been communicating with me throughout the process putting my mind at ease. I have already mentioned prime public adjusters to many of my friends and family

Julian Guzman

These are the feedbacks of customers about public adjusters.

Who are public adjusters?

Public adjusters are a professional team that stands with policyholders to succeed in their claims.

How do they make it a success?

  • They discover the loss by performing an extensive inspection.
  • Review the policy and discuss with you the claim process.
  • Report the claim.
  • They will file your claim with your insurance company by presenting all required documents and evidence to get your claims.
  • Initial inspection. They join the inspection with the insurance adjuster. It is very important for.
  • Submit requested documents .public adjusters prepare all data, relevant photos, videos, evidence about the loss, damage, and accurately prepare them and submit them to the insurance team.
  • Negotiation and settlement. They stand with you until the end of the claim process, to settle the claim and are always ready to appear if there is a dispute in your claim.

You can get public adjuster services for your residential claims, condo & homeowners association claims, commercial claims denied & underpaid claims due to natural disasters and day to day life damages

So, you will not be helpless anymore. Prime Public adjusters are always with you for your service.

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