As An Insured Homeowner You Have The Right To Be Compensated For Any Damage Or Loss You Suffer Caused By Any Of These Problems

Water damage

Water damage insurance claims are one of the most common types of property claims. Water damage can cause some of the biggest financial expenses for insurance companies, which often results in much grief and aggravation for property owners who should be entitled to quick and fair settlements.

Understanding insurance coverage for accidental discharge of water from a plumbing system in your home can be tricky. Policies exclude most situations that involve water seepage or leakage that occurs over a period of time and insurers take advantage of that exclusion frequently. Just because your insurer says the water damage to your home is not covered, does not mean that determination is correct.

Common causes of water damages are: Water heater bursts
Broken drain lines
Broken supply lines
Broken angle stops
A/C Unit leaking
Let Prime Public Adjuster handle your water damage claim.

Fire Damage

When a fire occurs, the initial concern is that everyone occupying the property is safe and out of harm’s way. In Florida, fire damage can occur at any time, resulting from a variety of different causes:

Smoke and fire damage can be difficult to comprehend. We will handle every step of the process from beginning to end so you won't have to worry about doing anything. Our Public Adjusters will evaluate your losses and help with the filing of your insurance claim for you on time and will keep you updated throughout its progress.

Common causes of water damages are:
Defective wiring
Gas leaks
Appliance failure

Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes are terrifying and destructive storms that leave a costly wake of property damage. Although many people carry insurance for hurricane losses the Insurance Companies make it nearly impossible to obtain a fair settlement, often denying or underpaying legitimate claims.

If you need help with a difficult hurricane insurance claim, don’t be afraid to reach out to us. Our team has experience working with people, companies, and organizations that have been treated unfairly by their insurance companies. Prime Public Adjusting would be happy to answer your questions in a free case review and help you maximize your recovery.

Mold Damage

Mold remediation can be very expensive. Be sure to have a professional document that you have mold as a result of the property damage you incurred. In many cases, your insurance company will not check for mold. Mold can cause serious illness and can also destroy your property and contents.

Insurance companies will in most cases determine that mold is the result of poor maintenance or of a prolonged water leak and they claim will be denied. If you are having difficulty reaching a fair agreement with your insurer regarding mold damage contact us first. If you are having difficulty reaching an agreement with your insurance company regarding mold damage, CALL US NOW!

Theft & Vandalism

Being victimized by theft and/or vandalism is extremely stressful to you and those that depend on you. That last thing you should be concerned with is being loaded-up with pages and pages of insurance paperwork and fighting with your insurance company.
Hiring a professional public adjuster who will approach the situation clearly in order to successfully recover what you deserve is essential when facing an insurance claim for theft and property vandalism.


Sinkholes are a common part of the geology in Florida. Sinkholes can occur in much of the State of Florida, and often cause thousands of dollars worth of damages to homes or buildings.

IThe first signs of damage can include:
Uneven floors
Cracks in the exterior block walls
Windows and doors failing to open properly
Interior floors cracking
Interior walls separating at the joints
Holes or depressions in the yard or driveway
Cracks and leaks in swimming pools